Tracy’s Dog Sex Toy Review

Hi guys! I’m reviewing two sex toys, which would hopefully help you spice up your sex life and bring you some personal fun.

The two toys I reviewed are:

  1. Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, G Spot Clit Dildo
  2. Tracy’S Dog Cordless Ultra Wand Massager

Clitoral Sucking Vibrator, G Spot Clit Dildo

The dildo comes in two vibrant colors, Pink & Purple. I really enjoyed them and liked the package. It was discrete & elaborate, and yet it wasn’t super expensive.

Few key things, which impressed me:

  • The head of this cute toy has a very specific function, it does clitoral stimulation and it does not vibrate. You don’t have to move it around, you let it use its amazing suction mechanism do its work.  
  • Tailor the tip of this vibrator for the G-spot stimulator.  
  • You can use both the parts at the same time, or you can use one without using the other.
  • It is a great way to enjoy anal sex with your partner or partners because it will increase your orgasm intensively.
  • The toy is quiet, it does not make noise.
  • It came with a 12 month warranty card.

I absolutely loved this toy; and would recommend you get one of your own this season.

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Tracy’S Dog Cordless Ultra Wand Massager

The  Cordless Ultra Wand Massager with three Silicon Attachments for G-spot comes with other three toys sealed in plastic which makes it super clean.

Things which impressed me:

  • The wand is very pretty, easy to handle and lightweight. I could manoeuvre it with my hands easily.
  • The cordless ultra wand massager is waterproof, so you can take them in the shower and play with it.
  • It has fine control buttons which lets you adjust the speed according to your mood/needs for play and pleasure. 
  • It came with a 12 month warranty card.

I would recommend this, even above the previous one since it can add so much fun to your toy and pleasure collection.  

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Tracy’s Dog Overall!

This was my first experience with Tracy’s Dog’s Toys, and I thoroughly enjoyed it. The toys from initial use, feel well constructed, and with intimate care.

Something I want to mention, which was great that the toys came with a little booklet. It had instructions for those who are using sex-toys for the first time. This was a big plus!

Overall, the toys are long-lasting, pleasure filled, and they feel extremely good.

They are a hell yes; they are a sexy yes and they are Malak approved.  

Side note: For your sexual wellbeing, let me give you a piece of insightful advice. Use a condom on your toys when you are using your toys with other people. It is healthy and brings a level of comfort which can help you play around with it freely.

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