Interview with Christopher Hoffmann

Christopher Hoffman is the founder of the startup RYNO motors. HE took on a journey of sexual exploration as his greatest act of rebellion. Chris has evolved from a rigid, up-in-his-head engineer into an embodied, awakened man and leader. He is the author of “Heart in Gear”. He is currently working on out of the box men’s fashion and a Netflix show script. 

“Our sexuality is at the core of our creative expression.” Hoffman believes that knowing his sexuality and being in sync with it helps him in his design pursuits. “Sexuality is a powerful enactment of liberation.” His pursuit is to make men realise how trapped they are, without even knowing. It is toxic to be stuck within social boundaries. Explore and learn the natural to embrace liberated realities. This helps prevent a judgmental attitude and be inwardly compassionate. 

Understand and giving others value without being an inconsiderate dominant is important. Asking people what they want and giving them a genuine opportunity to express themselves. “It is important to keep yourself open and receptive.” Amongst a patriarchal cultural narrative, it is important to “unplug all rules and regulations and get back to a place of basic compassion.” Everyone communicates from a point of view that serves their own perspective, it is important to understand the motivations of others when socially evaluating them.

Hoffman wears a black studded choker, he says it makes him feel beautiful and special, simply because he can pull it off. He is designing clothing for men that steps out of the social limitations of men’s fashion. He says, “Shame is a demand for conformity with a threat of disconnection”. He is also curating a Netflix series. 

“You can’t single out sexuality, it is a pursuit of self. It is opposition to the obedience of the dominant’s hierarchy. His ideal world is horizontal, where the haves and have nots come together. It is a world incorruptible by capitalism. Hoffman believes there is not a lack of jobs or food or health, there is simply a shortage of leadership.

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