Circumcision circumspect?

Ever thought about what it would be like to get circumcised as an adult? Read on to know how it could play out!

Circumcision circumspect

DISCLAIMER: Tickle.Life does not support or promote the practice of circumcision for any gender. The opinions reflected in this piece are the author’s solely.

Circumcision [Noun] – The action or practice of circumcising a young boy or man.

Yes, that’s all, according to the Oxford English Dictionary. Of course, there is far more to it than that.

Let me be blunt: It hurts like hell, looks ugly, takes an eon to heal (if you’re an adult). Also, your hands get some much-needed rest. Having gone through this process myself fairly recently, I can tell you I had a lot of mixed feelings about it.

Before making this decision, read about the process and take in what others have said about it. It is a big call, so think before you choose to go under the knife.

As for me, there was a massive upheaval in my personal life and I made the call to get circumcised. I never had an operation of any kind in my life and, needless to say, I was scared shit-less. But I got through it in one piece (or missing a bit) and went home. The hard part was the recovery, which took at least 2 months.

For adults, the healing time is considerably longer than with children. You also have to worry about keeping the operated area clean, which is hard when you go for a leak. The dressing has to be changed at least twice a day, depending on your activity levels. This needs to be done carefully without rushing. Very often, while changing the dressing, the skin catches in the bandages. Therefore, try to do this in the morning so you have the rest of the day to wonder why the hell you did this to yourself!

The stitching does not come off by itself. It needs to be removed in 2 to 3 days because it can also turn septic. Understand that this part of your body is extremely delicate, and it needs a lot of TLC. Not only that, but this operation will also change the way you sleep, pee, zip, and sit down to take a dump.

Men, I promise that you will have a different appreciation for your penis after this procedure, and you will never again take it for granted.

Now let’s get down to the sex part. The first time I had sex after this, it felt like I was a new man. It felt smoother and a lot less pull – don’t know how I can explain that, but if you’ve had this operation as an adult, you’ll know what I’m going on about. My lady was glowing after the first time we did it with my new hardware. Although I’m not sure if it was the circumcision, my length, or my girth – a topic I shall elaborate on in another piece.

“…I asked a friend if he felt ‘different’ when he was the only uncircumcised man in the shower and he said,‘Yes, gloriously different.”

Kristen O’Hara

In my opinion, sex will be better, although I’m not sure by how much. Studies on this subject vary, with some saying it will decrease pleasure and others saying it increases pleasure. I would say that it varies from person to person, and depends on how strong an individual is psychologically. Better hygiene has been a common take away from those who have been circumcised and this this a good thing since we live in a world where AIDS still lurks. Also, bad odors disappear with circumcision and giving yourself a treat feels different. I can attest to both these points.

So, make an informed decision before taking this step, because it is a big one. Your erections will look just as grand as they did before, and slightly fatter…don’t know why; I suppose it’s a weight thing.

And lastly, I speak directly to men here. Be gentle with your dick, it isn’t a crowbar that you just keep in the boot of your car and toss back when you don’t need it. It is still a part of you and deserves some of your care and attention.

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