40 Best Sex Podcasts 2020 by Sexpert

The 40 Best Sex Podcasts that are Candid, Explicit, Titillating, Erotic, Mostly Hilarious and Sometimes Very Strange

40 best sex podcasts

Here is Sexpert’s List of the top 40 Best Sex Podcasts sure to turn you on, make you laugh, make you think (WTF?), and entertain you… Featuring every sexy topic imaginable from Playboy Playmates, the trials and errors of dating, erotica, fan-fiction and writing dirty words, from the porn lifestyle to love and relationships, sex therapy and sexology, sex robots and cybernetics, from celestial sex to all types of sexual adventures and explorations, created by swingers and polygamists, sex workers and pornstars, fetishists and BDSM lifestylers, and the perverted minds of sexperts and novices alike.

There are over 200+ podcasts about sex, relationships and erotica, with new ones popping up daily like dirty weeds out to corrupt our minds and libidos. That’s a crazy amount of podcasts to sift through to find the ultimate gems. So we decided to do it for you!… And created this ultimate list of best sex podcasts for all sexual persuasions (which we will be updating regularly as we find more stellar sex and erotic podcasts out there for you), as well as creating a weekly digest of the best sexy podcasts each week.

Join us each week as we review new best sex podcasts episodes from the ones featured here to new ones on the rise on our radar (and gaydar), in our: “Best Sex Podcasts 2020 Weekly Digest”, for some of the savviest, sexiest, salacious, hilarious NSFW podcasts in the universe. (Yes, we even checked out Mars, Venus and planet “X”).

The 40 Best Sex Podcasts 2020 List below, are not in any particular order or rating.

1. Tickle.Life Podcast

In the Tickle.Life Podcast, host Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist Gaia Morrissette, interviews her fellow sex experts (Sexperts!) to reveal all their naughty secrets about sex, love, dating, love and relationships.

Join Gaia weekly for intimate revealing conversations with sex professionals who recount their personal experiences and live out their wild fantasies of “first times” like kissing, masturbating, power exchange, kinks and fetishes, as well as their adventures with swinging and steamy, hot sex. Mmmm. Yes Please!

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/tickle-life-podcast/

2. My Orgasmic Life Podcast

Also from Holistic Sexual Wellness Specialist, Gaia Morrissette, My Orgasmic Life explores all areas of Happiness, Healing, Health, Wealth, Pleasure, Relationships and Orgasmic living in safe, honest, raw, sexy, fun and non- judgemental way.

With 101 sexuality podcasts (I wonder when Gaia has time to sleep!), the orgasmic host explores topics like being a nudist, play parties, fertility, trauma recovery, sexual arousal, releasing shame, STI’s, masturbation, faking orgasm,s menstruation, porn sex and disabilities, sexual ethics, herpes, BDSM, Poly Life, pro Domming, fellatio, oral sex tips, and libido. This is definitely one of the best sex podcasts on our list!

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/my-orgasmic-life/

3. Aaural (Erotic Short Story) Podcast

Aarural (Erotic Short Story) is an erotica podcast featuring real life experiences and kinky confessions submitted by listeners (yes, you could have your 5 minutes of sexy fame by submitting it here- http://aaural.co/confess!), turned into erotic short stories narrated by professional actors with sultry, sensual voices.

New steamy episodes released weekly, from “my boyfriend’s sister”, naughty neighbor, on my knees, sexy train ride, and other naughty erotic stories.

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/aaural/

4. American Sex Podcast

The American Sex Podcast, is definitely one to tune in to, hosted by two of my favorite sexuality educators, Sunny Megatron & Ken Melvoin-Berg. This dynamic duo takes a deep dive into “unconventional sexual expression” in the US, from a humorous lens.

In their 127 and counting episodes, they explore everything sexual with various Sexpert guests from alt.sex.bondage and sci-fi erotica, RPG sex games, sensuality and seduction with Midori, rebirthing with Amy Jo Goddard, polyamory problems, interracial porn, fisting, fingering, BDSM, adult babies, erotic hypnosis, escorts, age play, sacred sexuality, sex ed and social justice, swinging, dating, sex and disability, pegging, brothels, cuckolding, sex and cannabis, queer porn, clown fetishes, juggalos, QTPOC Superheroes, and even interview a guy who married a sex doll. Is there any topic they don’t cover? Each episode is enlightening, entertaining, and hilarious. One of the top best sex podcasts in America and beyond.

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/american-sex-podcast/

5. Frisky Tipsy Libertines’ Podcast

Aside from a great name for a podcast, the Frisky Tipsy Libertines’, is a fun sexploration of sex, sexuality and the sex industry as hosts, Janet and Scott, indulge in their favorite past time: Getting Tipsy! LOL!

“Their goal is to tear down stigmas and misconceptions while drinking alcoholic beverages that they attempt to match with the days topic(s)!”

The Tipsy two talk about the G-spot, Polyamory, and porn in the USA. While the podcast is very new (only 5 episodes so far) they are off to a promising start. And, if you want to join them in getting tipsy, you can check out drink recipes on their site (all with dirty names of course!)

Sounds like my type of fun!

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/frisky-tipsy-libertines/

6. Good Girl Gone Bad Podcast

Siobhan, of Good Girl Gone Bad, describes her podcast as “A one woman show, featuring kink… My mission is to destroy the stigma around erotic writing and showcase it for the sex positive/kink positive work that it is.”

Siobhan says, after “growing up in a very conservative household [that] made her fearful of exploring her own sexuality, [she] then one day found an erotic novel… and her journey began.”

Join the sultry host as she explores a sex-positive view on kink and BDSM relationships, from very personal stories to erotica with her very sexy voice.

Great podcast: intelligent, fun, and very hot!

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/good-girl-gone-bad-podcast

7. Rise Up with Chicken and Dragon Podcast

With a curious names like Chicken (an actress turned sexologist & fetish coach) and Dragon (a doctor turned motivational speaker), the hosts of this fairly new show explore alternative relationships in BDSM, role play, polyamory, taboos, personal growth and self discovery.

Although they have only been podcasting for a short time (Oct 2019), Chicken and Dragon are sure to “go out of their minds, and [get] into the hearts of so many people.” At these that is their mission.

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/rise-up-with-chicken-and-dragon

8. Swinging Outside the Lines Podcast

Non-Monogamous, married, lifestyle hosts, Adam and Belle, of “Swinging Outside the Lines” share their journey into their swinging lifestyle, where their motto is to “try anything twice”.

After sixteen years of wedded bliss, the couple decided to get into the “lifestyle” because they wanted to explore “their wants, desires, and fantasies with each other”.

“Their monthly podcast covers their experiences in the lifestyle from start to finish. It’s not always sexy, but it’s real, and sometimes raw.”

And, sounds like they have a lot of fun, and embarrassing experiences, doing it! From sexy Vegas weekend getaways, orgies, and marathon sex, to playing unicorn and manicorn at play parties solo.

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/swinging-outside-the-lines/

9. Sex Nerd Sandra

Sex Nerd Sandra”, is a sex podcast from the nerdy anthropological approach of licensed sex educator, Sandra Daugherty. With over 14 million downloads, Sandra is an international podcast celebrity, and her show has been entertaining and educating sex nerds since 2011. I’ve been a fan of hers from way back.

“Exploring fascinating topics & perspectives on sex & love, join host and special guests for a loving laugh at the fundamentals of human nature.”

The too numerous to name topics from her 218 episodes and counting, include vaginal shoveling (what’s that?), exorcism, HIV, masculinity and gender, sex trafficking, consensual brainwashing, consent, Dominatrix’, cougar sex, the science of sex, edge play, female ejaculation, swinging, stereotypes and objectification of black men, anal sex, sex and death, sexual harassment and double standards, sexual guilt and shame, non-conformity, diversity, gender queer, psychology of sex, stripping, asexuality, necrophilia and so much more. Prominent sexpert guests include Nina Hartley, Ashley Manta, Lady Cheeky and many others. What’s not to LOVE? One of the nerdiest best sex podcasts that we reviewed!

Listen Here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/sex-nerd-sandra/id455065811

10. Playmate Pickup

Sexpert’s own Erika Jordan (Playboy bunny, Sexologist, Love Coach and NLP Practitioner)  “gives you the advice you need to get the girl and keep the girl! She’s not afraid to make fun of herself and tell you stories from her many years serial dating in the world of Playboy!”

Erika’s dating stories are super funny and full of great advice, whether you are single and dating, or just want to listen for a good laugh.

Erika takes her life experience combined with education to help you navigate the world of love. Listen to her hilarious adventures in the world of sad dating all designed to help you avoid the same mistakes. From Erika’s many years starring on Playboy TV or touring the world as a NLP practitioner she’s coming at you with a steady stream of entertainment. Although this podcast is brand “spanking” new, it is sure to be a big hit! Sweet, saucy, and fun! One of our favorite best sex podcasts on our list, but then again we are a bit biased.

Listen Here: https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/id1514874458

11. Sex with Dr. Jess

Dr. Jess is a Toronto-based sexologist (PhD), author and television personality with over 165 podcast episodes and 1.6k followers. Wow!

Her self-named podcast, Sex with Dr Jess, features through-provoking episodes, featuring topics on enhancing your sexual relationships, sex worker’s insights, overcoming sexual shame, relationship goals, the good sex diet, relationship conflicts, gang-bangs, spankings, dirty underwear (yep), abusive relationship help, orgasmic meditation, micro-cheating (what’s that?), infidelity, kink, energy orgasms, prostate play, sexting, full-body orgasms, porn as activism and more.

Tons of fun, passionate, engaging, world-traveled, beautiful and intelligent. Dr. Jess is the whole package!

Listen Here: https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/cqnnv-47ec0/Sex-with-Dr.-Jess-Podcast

12. Licking Non-Vanilla

Sail into the dark sweet waters of all things naughty, with the new podcast, Licking Non-Vanilla, by friends and co-hosts Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian.

“Licking Non-Vanilla is a sex-positive hour of talk about kink, sexual mores and writing dirty words. So pull up your favorite easy chair and a cup of hot cocoa, and the lube…” and let’s get naughty.

These guys are great. Funny, chatty, knowledgeable, curious, kink and sex-friendly erotic writers, Ralph Greco, Jr. and M.Christian tell it like it is and do it with style. One of the funniest best sex podcasts from friends we love!

Definitely checkout their first episode with call in guest Ms. Ava Durga of Thesissyparlor.com, and find out whether Ralph wears sexy panties. Oh My!

Listen Here: http://www.lickingnonvanilla.com/

13. Love’s Outer Limits

Love’s Outer Limits brings together conversations with sexologist, Dr. Amy Marsh & M. Christian, (erotica writer and educator), where they discuss relationships, human sexuality, sexology, and sexual culture.

With 45 episodes so far, the topics of interest include sex magic and witchcraft, Teledildonics, kink, sex and aging, erotic hypnosis (Dr. Marsh’s specialty!), objectum sexuality, sex robots, sextech, corrosive relationships, dating and baiting, desire and deviance, santaphilia, barbarian lust, somatic sex and bodyworking, Ecosexuality, transphobia and social justice, female orgasms, gender bending, spooky sex, and more.

Enter the Twilight Zone of “Love’s Outer Limits”!

Listen Here: https://tickle.life/podcasts/loves-outer-limits/

14. We Gotta Thing

Swinging and non-monogamous relationships are a hot trending topic lately, so it’s no surprise that there are many podcasts that peer into the secret world of the “swinging lifestyle”.

In this podcast we follow married couple, Mr. and Mrs. Jones, (I don’t think that is their real names!) into their personal experiences with swinging within the confines of marriage in a sex-positive, healthy way.

The couple enjoy alt-lifestyle retreats, and talk about their experiences at various hedonist resorts like the Desire. They also talk about male performance issues during swinging, health, wellness and hormones, cockblocking, consent, red flags in the lifestyle, the golden rules, lifestyle tribes, chemistry, how to put yourself out there, getting out of your comfort zone and into paradise, judgement, seven habits of successful swingers, and more.

Very educational, and a must listen if you are considering on getting into swinging and don’t know where to start. Oh, and they also have a course on swinging if you want to learn more!

Listen Here- https://wegottathing.com/podcasts/

15. Gayish

Gayish hosts Mike and Kyle attempt to tackle gay stereotypes in their popular podcast with humor and personality.

The three-time nominee for Best LGBTQ Podcast by the People’s Choice Podcast Awards, Gayish has 175 episodes to date. That’s impressive!

The guys cover everything from alien probes, trending news, personal experiences, tops and bottoms, sex and disability, shrinkage, camming, monster trucks (okay?), AIDs, rubber kink, 3-somes, cocktails (LOL), open relationships, Daddies, Leprechauns, Dolly Parton, Star Trek, Harry Potter, and if ovaries could talk, what would they say?

Plenty of diverse topics with interesting guests including a gay priest, hot dykes, atheists, gay porn stars and an ex-Mormon. This is one of the gayest best sex podcasts we came across.

Listen Here: http://www.gayishpodcast.com/episodes/

16. Why Are People Into That?!

Writer, director, sex educator, former queer porn actress and media-maker, Tina Horn hosts the podcast, which poses the question on various sexuality practices, kinks and fetishes: “Why Are People Into That?!”

With over 150+ episodes, Horn answers that very question and is not afraid to dive into taboo topics like cannibalism, play piercing, fire play, bondage, blood, tattoos, erotic photography, puppy play, humiliations, pubic hair, size queens, cross-dressing, fear, pegging, Fascism, burlesque, sex rituals, Gothic queer culture, Catholicism fetish, enemas, cake sitting, cannabis, consensual non-consent, sexual healing, period sex, mommies, sex and pregnancy, drag queens and kings, leather culture, clown sex, gaping and a heck of a lot more.

Horn seduces listeners with a wide range of topics and numerous sex professional guests, providing an arousing, informative, quirky, exploration of all things edgy and fetish. Definitely the most taboo of the best sex podcasts we could find.

Listen Here: http://whyarepeopleintothat.com/episodes/

17. The Heart

The Heart is not a talk show podcast. Rather, it is a poetic combination of art, performance, and sound wrapped in the container of a documentary stories, “that makes you feel like you’ve walked into a magic dream world.”

Produced by Phoebe Wang and Mitra Kaboli, from Radiotopia, The Heart explores a diverse range of subjects via award-winning episodes, with immersive performances from the cast of five queer women and their voices.

Features alluring soundtracks, heartbeats, special effects soundscapes, and stellar production from host, Kaitlin Prest’s, soundproofed bedroom closet. Episode titles include: sensorium, fu*k love, love letters, beauty is pain, how to be a princess, the intimacies, salt in the wound, mortified, ultraslut, goddess, meat, darqness, and dream. A must listen!

Listen Here: https://www.theheartradio.org/all-episodes

18. Bawdy Storytelling

“Storytelling is about building connection… so is sex”…

Host, Sexual Folklorist Dixie De La Tour has been curating submitted stories for almost 13 years, building a community of sex-positive peeps to educate, entertain, and tell naughty stories about sex, kink, gender, body image and more.

The podcast travels to multiple cities and venues where it records live shows, featuring “an eclectic mix of authors, poets, comedians and actors – along with real people just like you – sharing their (true) adventures in around ten minutes or less.”

Storytellers submit their material online for this curated show, and each month’s performers are chosen for “their panache and sense of (mis)adventure”. Dixie also coaches the audience, so everyone can participate, in a “sex-positive atmosphere that’s unique, engaging and fun.”

With 125 episodes, Dixie explores everything from sex and death, ladyboners, femdom mindf*cks, yarnicorns, shapeshifters, kinky nurse-play, Dungeons & Dragons, Viking Queens, Goddesses, peegasms, food sex, kink, religion, fisting, eunuchs, human buffet, piledrivers and unicorns. I’m a fan!

Listen https://bawdystorytelling.com

19. Guys We Fucked

Comedians Krystyna Hutchinson and Corinne Fisher use their podcast to interview guys they’ve fucked with over 329 episodes (that’s a lot of f*cking!).

Exclusively on the Luminary Podcast site (you need to pay to listen, but they have a free trial sign up) with new episodes every Friday, the gals talk trash and taboo kinks, in a boisterous, brash, unapologetic manners that is sure to entertain and make you laugh.

Guys We Fucked includes recent episodes: “Drunk V-Day Special: He Used Your Duvet as a Diaphragm”, and “Girls who Flirt with Their Dads”, “Sex with a Smurf”, drunk-dialing your therapist, sex in public, fart sex, satanic possession, wall-mounted dildos, dirty dicks, queer Christians, circumcision, casual sex (obs!), and big pussys/small cocks. One of the most F-d best sex podcasts for sure.

Paid subscription is $2.99-$4.99 per month, giving you full access to all of the Luminary Original podcasts.

Listen Here: https://luminarypodcasts.com/listen/corinne-fisher-and-krystyna-hutchinson-465/guys-we-f-d-luminary-exclusive/61ef47bf-07ce-4c3e-b175-e846e8f5707f?

20. Girls Gotta Eat

Girls Gotta Eat features cohosts Ashley Hessentine and Rayna Greenberg on the topics of sex, food and dating.

The show tackles modern dating often with a comedic bent, with relevant topics on the online dating scene for millennial’s.

Episodes include titles like: “My Nudes, My Rack, My Pussy, My Crack”, “Taming Your Crazy”, “Cumming of Age”, “Animal in the Bedroom”, “F*ck More, Cry Less”, “Breakup Bootcamp”, “Love, Sex and Murder”, “Like a Virgin”, and a various topics on: micro-cheating, threesomes, sex toy stories, sex, drugs and open relationships, girl crushes, bad boys, hustlers, broken dicks, benching, ghosting, and gaslighting.

Be prepared to laugh and be entertained!

Listen Here: https://www.girlsgottaeatpodcast.com/listen

21. Seek Treatment

Self-described “shy slutty psycho bitches” and “criminally under-famous comedians” friends Catherine Cohen and Pat Regan host the crazy hilarious podcast, Seek Treatment.

The show has been described as is a fun, flirty and playful, where gay boy meets girl (and they become insta-friends) dishing about “boys, sex, fucking, dating, and love.”

Each week, Cat and Pat invite a non-boring guests to talk about various topics, like “pro-homos and imposter syndrome”, “my sex tape”, “slutty peach”, “sexplay”, “I pegged a boy and I liked it”, “is it okay for buttholes to be hairy”, “my dad is not your type” and “blonde is not a binary”. Funny! I know right!?

Listen Here- https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/seek-treatment-with-cat-pat/id1412834587?mt=2

22. Future of Sex

If you are into sex robots, teledildonics, sex dolls, sexual fluidity, bicuriosity and cyber dating, then the Future of Sex hosted by Australian tech strategist and researcher Bryony Cole is for you.

Although the last episode was 2019 (we hope she’ll be adding more!), Cole creates a safe place to indulge your desires for a shame-free, tech-filled sex life and the back-episodes are worth a listen.

Listen Here – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/future-of-sex/id1127544978

23. Where Should We Begin? with Esther Perel

Esther Perel, a rock star relationship therapist and author of Mating In Captivity, hosts a revealing sex podcast that explores human sexuality through the lens of real couples and the problems they deal with, as they “bare the raw, intimate, and profound details of their story”, from a social anthropologist’s perspective.

From infidelity, to sexlessness, to loss, it’s a space for people to be heard and understood.

It’s also a place for us to listen and feel empowered in our own relationships. So.. where should we begin?”

Listen Here – https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/where-should-we-begin-with-esther-perel/id1237931798

24. Sex With Emily

Dr. Emily Morse, one of the best known sexperts in her field, hosts “Sex With Emily“, where she “shares her expertise on sex, relationships and everything in between!” What else?!

With over 488 shows, the diverse range of topics cover everything including “getting out of your head”, “elevating your senses”, virtual dating, masturbation, staycation sex, astro-masturbation, activating your brain, pleasure imposters, and practical advice for couples, singles, and dating peeps.

Podcast pioneer Emily Morse delivers sex, dating, and relationship advice that will change your life.

Listen Here – http://sexwithemily.com/category/podcast/

25. Inner Hoe Uprising

Inner Hoe Uprising features HOEst Samantha Riddell and her co-hoes, Rob (an agender black artist), Akua (mental health counselor and single mother, and Rebecca (a pansexual femme writer). These ladies share their brutally honest Hoe tales about “sex and sexuality through the lens of a feminist of color.”

Now, with six seasons and 52 episodes a year under their collective belts (whoa!), the hoes tackle many colorful and creative topics from “American Hoe-rror Story”, “inner gHOEst uprising”, Bloodlust, aphrodisiacs, cuddle puddles, laws of attraction, CLITuation, testicle testimonials, titty city, pussy flood, interracial dating, public sex, periods, OMG pubes, and cuckqueens. And, that’s all just season one!

Funny girl-talk on the ins and out (pun intended) of S-E-X. Check them out!

Listen Here – https://innerhoeuprising.com/

26. Swingercast

Yes, yet another podcast about swinging, Swingercast hosts, couple Allie and John, invite you into their erotic world of sex adventures and hedonist lifestyle, and sexy community.

“They introduce you to other swingers and share the intimate stories of their sex life. It’s a voyeuristic glimpse into the modern day life of a swinger.” Oh, to be a fly on the wall!

Travel to Naughty Nawlins, couple’s cruises, nude beaches, sexy discos and have hot tub sex, threesome nights, foursome rollicks, and a horny ole good time, as you live vicariously through their excursions into their swinging lifestyle journey.

Hot! Sizzle! Hot!

Listen Here- https://www.stitcher.com/podcast/swingercast-swinging-hot-sex

27. Sex Gets Real

Sex Gets Real is an uber-popular podcast by therapeutic sex and relationship coach, Dawn Sierra (and former co-host Dylan Payne) whose mission is to set the record straight about sex by offering up “real” sexual sage wisdom.

Listeners can send in their questions to be answered by guest-host sexperts, and be amused, entertained and educated all at the same time!

Dawn and guests “offer commentary on sexuality, kink, relationships, body image, emotional intelligence, and all of the things that help us feel more connected to our pleasure and aliveness. This podcast is a compassionate place to ask new questions and to unpack the harm done by our sex negative, body-shaming culture.”

Launched in January 2014, Sex Gets Real has been downloaded over 6 million times.

Are you ready to get real?

Listen Here- https://www.dawnserra.com/sexgetsrealpod/

28. The Dildorks

Okay, with a name like Dildorks, you know you gotta love it. Co-hosts Bex (bextalkssex.com) and Kate (girlyjuice.net) talk about all things sex, dating, and masturbating in over 190 episodes.

And, the have a cool reason for doing it: “We started the Dildorks podcast because we’re bored of media that depicts sex as “naughty,” mysterious, gross, indecent, or self-explanatory. We believe sex is endlessly fascinating and that there’s always more to talk about and think about, if you keep digging and stay curious. Our sexual journeys have led us through countless kinks, experiences, and self-discoveries, and we’re excited to keep growing as sex nerds and as people!”

The show has the feels of chilling with your  nerdy, dorkist friends, chatting about topics like “The 5-Knuckle Shuffle”, “Riffin’ and Spliffin’”, “Queerantine”, “Sexual Distancing”, “Self-Serve Perv”, “Vagic Tricks”, incest porn, forced feminization, sleepy sex, and all the hidden and forbidden taboos, kinks you can shake your dick at. (Or, strap-on if you prefer)!

Listen Here- https://thedildorks.wordpress.com/portfolio/

29. Off the Cuffs

Another kink-specific podcast, Off the Cuffs, is anything but ordinary. Hosted by Dick_Wound and minimus_maximus, these seasoned kinksters “engage in free-form discussions with a wide variety of guests who discuss their journey into kink” on a weekly basis.”

The duo explore everything under the kink umbrella, “from the sensual to the sadistic and the bizarre to vanilla.”

Going strong for over three years, the podcasts has created a community of listeners who can connect and feel supported in all aspects of their kinkiness. It’s a journey you don’t want to miss!

Listen Here- https://www.offthecuffs.org/category/podcast/

30. Celestial Sex

Celestial Sex is not a podcast I would usually listen to, but I added it because it is unique and it does discuss important topics: repressed sexuality due to religion and oppressive environments.

Hosted by Chris Duce, this podcast “is an interview series about love and sex through the lens of Mormon upbringing…” with other “post-mormons, ex-mormons, jacked-mormons, and active mormons” who discuss topics like masturbation and their sexual experiences.

Each podcast is titled by the name of the guest who Chris is interviewing for that show.

Listen Here- https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/celestial-sex/id1168369922

31. Fangasm

Again, another podcast I probably would not have checked out because the topic doesn’t really interest me, but I thought this podcast stood out because, well, it’s truly a unicorn.

I know fan-fic porn is a thing (yes, I watched Twilight and GOT and often fantasized about the characters), but I didn’t think it was popular enough to warrant a podcast about it.

Apparently it is!

So, whatever your into: books, TV, movies–all your favorite fan-fic stars are there from “Twatlight”, “Shercock”, and “The Wanking Dead”, to “The Hung Games”,”GOT”, and, of course, “Harry Potter”.

Oh Wait! Hey Fangasm, your missing Star Trek!

Popculture just got a boner!

Listen Here- https://www.fangasmpodcast.com/

32. Probably True

From self-described “smutty-but-charming” podcaster, Scott Flashheart, this sometimes cringe-worthly, slightly filthy, yet award-winning series, Probably True, is a showcases stories about queer sex, told in a silly, erotic and engaging way.

Stories about HIV, fart rainbows, Grindr dating, bus stop shenanigans, schoolboy crushes, leather bars, and an episode about his “first gay kiss, told in ASMR”.

We’re not sure if its all real or fiction, but it’s Probably True.

Listen Here- https://www.probablytruepodcast.com/

33. My Dad Wrote a Porno

Another odd one on the list, host Jamie Morton, makes fun of his Dad’s explicit and secretly written erotic novels under the pseudonym Rocky Flintstone, called “Belinda Blinked”. LOL
This award-winning podcasts is one of the most popular in the UK, and each week listeners are introduced to a new smutty chapter with the help of his friends James and Alice who heckle him on.

“My Dad Wrote a Porno” is the podcast to tune into, if you want a good laugh. Addictive!

Listen Here- https://www.mydadwroteaporno.com/podcast

34. Sex With Strangers Show

Sex With Strangers is not another swinger’s podcast (TG!), but rather a sexy travel show, with host Chris Sowa, who traverses the globe seeking unusual and hilarious conversations about sex with strangers, exploring the various cultural hang-ups and promiscuous behaviors.

His excursions include rope bondage in Japan, Grindr in Wyoming, a fetish party in Chicago, sex at the Mardi Gras, sex work in New Orleans, sex with Mormons in Utah, hook-up culture in Iceland, New York sex parties, behind the scenes at Kink.com, sex trafficking in the US, and Valentine’s Day in Amsterdam’s Red Light District.

Sounds like FUN!

Listen Here: http://sexwithstrangersshow.com/

35. Kiss Me Quick

Host Rose Caraway, aka The Sexy Librarian, reads sexy erotica stories in explicit detail to wet your erotic minds and libidos. This show is certainly NOT SFW, and will get you all hot, and bothered and before you know it you’ll be masturbating in the bathroom behind locked doors.

Calling herself the #WordSlingingSexLovingDreamQueen, Caraway will brings all your naughty taboo fantasies to life, with her sexy audio-cast, where you will find hot stories of domination and submission, bondage, mysterious women and hot wifing, hunky Bulls and cuckolding, gang bangs, outlaw adventures, primal desires and forbidden sex.

Whew! I’m feeling the heat already!

Listen Here- http://kisstherose.libsyn.com/

36. Dyking Out

Hosts Carolyn Bergier & Melody Kamali are Dyking Out in this queer/lesbian podcast about sex, life, the gay agenda, social politics and pop culture.

The duo brings together many guests to explore their experiences in lesbian queer filmmaking, getting outed, growing up gay, lesbian stereotypes, the female gaze, compulsory heterosexuality, doulas, trauma, internalized homophobia, butch life, bisexual and biracial, Trans-cis relationships, Dungeons & Dragons and all things queer and dykish.

Listen Here: http://dykingout.com/episodes-podcast/

37. Unexpected Fluids

Well, with a name like “Unexpected Fluids”, you know you just gotta give it a listen, because curious minds…

So, what is this naughty podcast about? You guessed it: “real-life, embarrassing stories of when sex gets sloppy, goes floppy and a little bit wrong. From unhappy endings to doing-it don’ts, it’s all covered in Unexpected Fluids.”

What’s on the program, you ask? Ethical porn, a virgin’s tale, stories about vulvas, the highest volume of fluids evah, sloppy seconds, miseducation, sex parties, big penis problems, vaginal worship, sex camps, office hook-ops, disastrous sexual discoveries, farting, the worst sex tips evah, sex tech fails, bodily smells, cherry poppin’ and weird myths, sex and sushi, the cat’s cradle, pubes, and of course, unexpected fluids.

Put this on your sexy bucket podcast list!

Listen Here- https://www.bbc.co.uk/programmes/p066mgz9

38. Polyamory Weekly

Longtime polyamory lifestyler and educator, Minx, has been hosting the Polyamory Weekly show since 2005, possibly the longest running sex podcast ever. The show explores “the joys and difficulties of alternatives to monogamy”.

Minx says her “goal is to share stories of diverse, inclusive poly experiences to help you on your journey.”

These experiences include: dealing with abandonment issues, break ups, poly marriages, on being a homewrecker, metamours, jealousy, poly erotica, toxic masculinity, sexual ethics, poly law, drama queens, non-monogamy survival guide, Wonder Woman and Professor Martson, the ethical slut,  as well as deconstructing commonly held beliefs about the poly-lifestyle.

Listen Here- https://polyweekly.com/category/podcast/

39. The Whorecast

Porn star, Siouxsie Q hosts the radical podcast, “The Whorecast“, which she established as “a vehicle to really humanize sex work”. The show has a hefty mission as it seeks to remove the stigma of sex work with discussions about pornography, feminism, sexuality, the sex work industry, transgender issues, sex workers’ rights, and the politics of porn.

The Whorecast “takes listeners behind the scenes with some of the sex industry’s most provocative radicals… to ultimately pave the way for their long-awaited rights and protections.”

Listen Here- https://www.podbean.com/podcast-detail/gjg89-44199/The-WhoreCast-%C2%BB-Podcasts

40. Savage Lovecast

Last but not least, we have Savage Lovecast, by Dan Savage, who first debuted with his sex advice column in 1991, then reinvented the column as a a weekly, call-in sexual advice podcast in 2006.

With tough-love and candid talk, “Dan’s graphic, pragmatic, and humorous advice has changed the cultural conversation about monogamy, gay rights, religiosity, and politics.”

Some of his more recent topics cover everything imaginable, from kink and race, poly life, depression, gay penguins, cock cages, women’s libido, spanking for grownups, pegging, hypnokink, human trafficking, herpes and hysteria.

Love him or hate him, Dan is here to stay.

Listen Here: https://www.savagelovecast.com/

So, that’s our EPIC 40 Best Sex Podcast List. Stay tuned to our “Best Sex Podcasts 2020 Weekly Digest” each and every week as we bring you the sexists, naughtiest, funniest, nerdiest, savviest sex podcasts of the week.

And, much thanks to our friends Tickle.Life Podcasts  for providing many of these podcasts for us to enjoy!

We thank Sexpert.com for featuring us on this list. The original article was published here.

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